You know that moment when you realize that that beautiful song you like, sung with a handsome voice is actually Chepchumba, not Chatuma? I’ve been singing along to Chatuma for over two months now! At one point I’m heavily disappointed that the name Chepchumba skipped me. I mean, I’m a Kenyan. That’s one of the names that’s likely to have won us gold, silver or bronze in international athletics. But, I’ll comfort myself that am not a Kale, coz if I were, shame. Shame….

At the same, time I’m pleased and amazed at the ability of my brain to hear and stick with such a name. Chatuma. It’s a name with attitude. Not the snobbish kind of attitude, but the kind with class. Probably a luhya or Luo name. Luhyas and luos tend to have names like that. A name that speaks masses and raises your expectation of the owner. And the owners never disappoint. They wear the name with pride and have that striking personality, that when they leave you wish you’d have made time stop for them to stay longer.

Chatuma to me, was that kind of girl. Mysterious, charming, classy. That traditional African lady with the leso covering her bosom and a matching leso as a skirt, the mini kinds. With her face decorated in some black powder. The kind Mercy Johnson would act as in a Naija Movie.

Now, I’ll have to change from that to Chepchumba. What should Chepchumba be like? Should I abandon my Chatuma?

Dear Young Men of My Generation,

Need I say more?


Dear young men of my generation,

[Disclaimer: I use the word ‘’men’’ here to refer to the males (mostly known as boys) of this generation. I usually use this word VERY sparingly, because I find that it is overused and abused. Those who know me can testify to this fact. But for the sake of the seriousness of this piece and the respect that I think they deserve, I will use this word freely. Savor this moment gents!]

[Disclaimer #2: This letter is really long, but DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED. You can come back and read from where you left off…but PLEASE READ!]

Anyway, so Dear Young Men of My Generation,

I write this letter with the utmost respect for you. I know that you are under a lot of pressure from society to make something out of yourselves. Sometimes this pressure is so much, you just let go and…

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A CALL TO ACTION: Wake up Middle and Upper Class Kenyans!

It’s about time we demanded what we deserve.

The New Mau Mau Revolution

by Eunice Songa

Let me take a few minutes of your time.

Kenya is a beautiful place, isn’t it? Opportunities abound for those willing to work hard; the land where you can be born in a small village, work hard and enjoy your lifetime in lush suburbs of Nairobi.

But we get caught up in that rat race don’t we? The never ending pursuit to get a bigger, flatter TV, a smarter phone, a more expensive car and holidays to those exotic destinations we see on our friends’ timeline. While we make sure our children are in elite private school “A”, that our houses are on the right side of the CBD, while we are sipping our 500 shilling mojitos with colleagues at the hottest after work watering holes in the city, our beloved Kenya, our land of opportunity is crumbling right around us.

We the lucky few in this…

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